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More Deconstructivism

Last weekend was the second one in a row we’ve spent taking apart our furniture. This time: the TV room sofa.

Our move to the master bedroom upstairs left an empty bedroom — since Pete’s girls are grown and we already have a guest bedroom, we don’t need to use it as a bedroom — and since our current TV room was located at the back of the house in a very sunny room, we decided to turn that room into an office space and make our old bedroom the TV room. It’s in a more central location than the other room and is still near the kitchen, so it’s a logical move.

I remembered when we first moved into the house, the movers had some difficulty getting the sofa through the door, but somehow they managed (they also managed to tear the fabric, but since it was near the back of the sofa, I didn’t make a fuss about it).

We made several attempts to maneuver it through the standard-width doorway, but it was too tall and too wide. Since the woodwork is nicely finished now, as opposed to the day we moved in, I wasn’t willing to do any shoving. Besides, we had to move it through three, count-em three, standard-size doorways, and I had neither the strength nor the stamina to hold it up and tilt it for very long.

Time to remove the myriad staples on the dust cover and figure out how to take apart this puppy.

We discovered that the front two legs and the wood trim spanning the front of the sofa was easily removed, but it was the back legs that were more of a problem compounded by the height of the sofa backrest. We had to pull back the fabric a little to access the bolts that held the back legs.

Honestly, why don’t these furniture manufacturers design furniture with legs that are easily removed? It can’t be that hard, and I would imagine that most buyers in my price range need to move furniture through standard size doorways. We don’t have French doors or wide doorways, and it was not some huge, overstuffed sofa — we bought one of the smallest sofas I could find.

We still had to maneuver it a bit, but we managed. Pete is starting to put the sofa back together here (which went much, much faster than taking it apart!):

I was happy to see that this was much better constructed than our piece o’ crap box spring was:

The soon-to-be office, almost empty:

It’s going to be a while before we can properly furnish this room. For now, perhaps we’ll assemble some tables that have mysteriously accumulated in our basement. I have some ideas on how I’d like to design this space, but I’d also like to do it on a DIY level rather than having to buy expensive office furniture.

I haven’t taken photos of the finished space yet, so more to come.

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