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Wash, Move, Chop, Adjust, Relax.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend the Historic Chicago Bungalow and Green Home Expo over the weekend. Of course, our washer and dryer were delivered in the middle of the day, preventing me from straying far from home. I had plenty of other things to do around the house, so I guess it’s just as well. If you went, I hope it was beneficial.

Once the washer and dryer were installed (forgot to take a picture!), Pete still had to hook up the dryer vent from the knee wall to the dryer itself. That took a little while, because of course there were some obstacles to work around. I’ll review our washer/dryer choices later on.

Next, it was time to move the bed. The mattress went up, no problem. The box spring, as I suspected, was another story.

This is the stairway opening:

The wall cut-out prevented us from angling the box spring enough to make it into the stairwell.

So, with help from this tutorial on instructables.com, we set to work.

We improvised a bit, as our box spring isn’t a true box spring, but rather a platform for our Tempurpedic mattress (we only had a metal bed frame when we bought the mattress years ago; the mattress is really designed to sit directly on a platform bed frame). The “box spring” is basically a cheap box made out of 1×2″ pine with a few blocks of 2x4s for support. It’s topped with a piece of cardboard (CARDBOARD!) and covered with fabric. Sheesh, I think we paid a couple hundred bucks for this piece o’ crap.

Following the tutorial, we cut the dust cover in half. In our case, we should have just removed the staples holding the dust cover and fabric covering on one long half, but it didn’t really matter either way. Since we didn’t have actual springs and cushioning on ours, we ended up just sawing the entire damn thing in half, including the cardboard topper, and reassembled it upstairs with scrap wood, sistering it to the pieces we had to cut.

It’s stronger than it has ever been, and the annoying creaks and squeaks that it developed over the years seem to have disappeared.

That little project did it for the rest of the day.

It was a bit of an adjustment to sleep in the new space. I awoke several times during the night, and I think part of it was hearing new sounds and fearing that the bat could still be around (I don’t think so, but I’m not completely convinced, either).

The next day, we moved the dressers, did laundry while organizing and rearranging, and after moving them upstairs, ended up moving some dressers back down and swapping them with ones from the guest room downstairs. They’re all heirlooms/hand-me-downs from our families, all made from hardwood and all VERY HEAVY, even without drawers. We got our upper-body workout for the day.

Our new bedroom is a little challenging to arrange because of the shape, but I think it will work (hence the reason why we swapped with the guest room dressers; they seemed like they would work better).

While we busted our butts all weekend, Günter discovered the radiant heat on the new bathroom floor and spent most of his time here — better here than leaving fur all over the furniture. (Btw, the cove base tiles you see in the photo haven’t been installed yet; our tiling skills were better than that appears!)

He is soooo happy with the new space, and I have to say that I am too. It’s still going to be a bit of an adjustment, but definitely a welcome one.

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  1. Nicole on October 20, 2009 at 11:33 am

    CUTE! And man, can I relate. Trying to get anything downstairs that you can’t ASSEMBLE down there … shudder.

    Hey, is that a Howard Miller grandfather clock? We have one just like it in our foyer. 🙂

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