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Let the Demolition Begin

We broke the news last week to D about the mold needing to be removed in the bathroom before our loan could be approved. He was not pleased but we quickly offered up our plan to demo the bathroom now. Turns out D is on vacation for 2 weeks anyway, so we would have easy access to the house.

It took us a few hours to get the bathroom to go from this:


to this:


2007051705.jpgWe wore appropriate gear——I made Pete buy the masks that were indicated for mold as well as drywall dust even though they were twice as expensive as the plain drywall dust masks. Considering he has had bouts of asthma in the past, I didn’’t think it was much to spend to protect our lungs, and I’’m sure we’’ll get plenty of use out of them.

The good news is that there was only a small portion of the framing that had mold on it, so Pete ripped that part out. Whoever installed the ceiling fan didn’’t vent it to the outside; it just vents into the rafters. Luckily there was no sign of mold there either.

We couldn’’t finish the job until we had a plumber rod out the sewer. Currently the toilet doesn’t work because the ejector pump won’’t shut off, and the sewage starts backing up into the shower stall (nice!). D also wants to take his “green-eyed monster” toilet with him from the main bathroom (good riddance, I say!) and he was going to buy a cheap toilet to replace it. I told him not to do it since we would just be getting rid of it. I suggested that the basement toilet be put in its place since we won’’t be finishing the basement bathroom until we actually own the place.

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