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Chiseling Away At It

For the past couple of days we’ve been working on the bathroom for a few hours after work, and that helps a little. The tile job will be far from perfect, but overall I think it’s looking pretty good.

We had a couple of snafus, one of which was the level of the floor tile (and/or the level of the poured concrete base). We foolishly didn’t check the level carefully as we laid the floor tile (although we did for the walls), so we ended up with a bigger gap between the floor and wall tile as we progressed. It really bugged us, so last night we chiseled up a couple of rows and reset them to the proper level. It looks much better and wasn’t difficult to do since we’re not at the grout stage yet.

The slope of the tiles isn’t noticeable, however making a slight incline toward the wall is better for drainage anyway.

We hadn’t planned on tiling the wall just outside the shower, but with the limited trim pieces that are available and the way the shower was built, it makes more sense to tile the entire wall, and we’ll have enough tile for it.

We should be able to finish up the outer shower wall this weekend and start on grouting. I’m hoping it will go quickly enough to also start on the bathroom floor but I’m likely being over-optimistic.

Last night I dreamed we were trying out the Nuheat radiant heat mat by installing it — using thinset — on the floor in our living room. I didn’t seem too concerned about the mess it made — not to mention the damage it caused — on the hardwood. I guess I’m so anxious to get it done that I don’t care what I have to do to get it to that stage!

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