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Going to the Dogs

If our Master Bedroom is Tranquility Lodge, then our other room upstairs is a Weimaraner Dinner Party according to its paint color names (Benjamin Moore AF-155 and AF-300, respectively).

I can just picture a bunch of Weimaraners lounging about, listening to jazz and sipping cognac. They’re much more sophisticated-looking than the Dogs Playing Poker, wouldn’t you say?

There must be a William Wegman photo of that somewhere.

Not exactly the “mood” I was going for up there, but while the colors work, the names don’t — at least not for that room (and we’re still not sure what to even call that room).

What I did know is that I wanted to go with neutral colors for the most part in this room, and Frappé (Benjamin Moore AF-85) was once again deemed to be the ceiling color. I extended it to the sloped walls this time, if anything just to prove that I don’t always have to use dark colors on the walls. While other people I know are always afraid a paint color is going to look too dark on the walls, I’m always afraid that it’s going to look too light.

Anyway, I’m all for rich grays and taupes when it comes to neutrals, so when I saw Weimaraner in the swatch book and pictured those beautiful dogs, I knew it would be perfect.

I’d like to use at least part of this room as a studio space — somewhere I can be completely removed from the computer and use my hands for something other than typing and surfing. Neutral colors are best for something like that so that it doesn’t alter the color of whatever I’m going to create up there. A true, neutral gray would probably be the best, but I think this will work fine for my current needs.


For another part of the room, however, we’ll probably use it as a lounging area for reading or watching TV. There I needed a splash of color, and it was crying out for Dinner Party:


For such a dark color, the Aura paint performed with flying colors: one coat covered almost completely, and the second coat filled in a couple of light spots.

The next project? Bathroom tiling!

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