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Our Master Bedroom: Tranquility Lodge

When we’re not chasing bats, eating our veggies, working, visiting Pete’s dad in rehab or the myriad other things that seem to constantly pop up, we’re also trying to make headway on our attic remodel so that we can move in/up.

Once the hardwood floors were finished, I was itching to start painting, my favorite “chore”.

I’m fairly decisive when it comes to choosing interior paint colors, because I know that if I really hate it, I can always paint over it — ah, the beauty of using paint to make a huge impact with minimal effort and cost.

And I’m usually happy with the outcome anyway, at least for a while.

For the master bedroom, I had a vision of a soothing blue with chocolate as the accent color. I know it’s been done a lot, but I’ve always loved that combination. Our bedroom furniture is a mixture of antiques passed down through our families — nothing fancy, but they vary from walnut to oak and mahogany, so they all have fairly dark finishes and would complement the chocolate brown.

I really liked the Frappé color (Benjamin Moore AF-85) I used on the first floor bedroom ceilings, so I wanted to carry that upstairs as well.

I initially chose some color combinations I liked, but to keep the house somewhat coordinated, I pulled all the color swatches I’ve used throughout to see how well they looked together. I didn’t like how the colors I initially chose looked with the other colors in the house, and decided instead on Tranquility (Benjamin Moore AF-490), a soothing blue-green that is a couple shades lighter than our living room. It looks blue to me, but in certain light it can also look greenish, or blue-gray.

From there I chose Lodge (AF-115) — the title of this post should make sense now — a medium brown that looked best with the blue, along with Frappé for the ceiling.

No doors or molding up yet. That’s going to be a while. I’m sure it’ll look much better once some furniture is in too.


The next photo’s a little overexposed, but you get the idea.


Yes, Tranquility Lodge. I like the way that sounds for our bedroom: cozy and peaceful.


  1. Bonnie on August 24, 2009 at 8:27 am

    Beautiful! It’s fun to watch this coming together, Denise.

  2. bungalowbliss on August 24, 2009 at 9:44 am

    Oh, this is going to be gorgeous. I love the blue and brown together–and all that natural light!

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