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Random Renovation Report

Just a few random things today. A lot has been happening, but nothing too exciting, in pictures or words.

We had our rough framing, electrical and mechanical (HVAC) inspections last week. We needed to fix a few things on the electrical and framing, but it didn’t seem to be anything major. We passed our mechanical inspection.

We were able to move the furnace out of the laundry room, where the architect originally planned it, and into the knee wall in the stairway landing closet. We went with a high-efficiency furnace that can be installed horizontally in smaller spaces, and upgraded to the 16-SEER Air Conditioning unit that will allow us to take advantage of the Federal Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency. Between the AC, windows and insulation, we will easily meet the $1500 maximum tax credit.

Pete and I started cleaning up the nooks and crannies in preparation for insulation. The contractor’s guys have been good about cleaning up, but it’ll never be as much as you’d do yourself.

Yesterday they started framing the soffits that will hide the master bathroom plumbing. I think we came up with a good solution that will make it look more like a design element. I’ll post more photos once that is farther along.

We finally decided on a color for the cedar stain on the windows and dormer trim. It matches the aluminum window trim closely, and we’re happy with the results.

Finally, we were just re-inspected this afternoon for electrical and framing: APPROVED! Insulation is scheduled for Thursday! (More on that later.)

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