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The Post V-Day Post

Sometimes I just crave sushi. I’m not really into the fancy rolls, like caterpillar or dragon. They’re okay, but I think too many ingredients can be overpowering.

That’s why my favorite sushi place is Kuni’s Japanese Restaurant on Main Street in Evanston. They only offer the classic rolls —— the fanciest maki they make is probably French —— but the quality of the fish is always stellar. The maki rolls also aren’t overloaded with rice —— the fish gets top billing.

And oh, their salmon sashimi. It is to-die-for. It’s like eating butter. It’s so fresh and tender, it practically melts in your mouth.

So on Valentine’s Day, I started to crave sushi. But I also hate being out on a “couple’s night”. Yes, I’m part of a couple, but I don’t have to take part in that ritual.

Instead, I went to the Super H Mart in Niles. If you haven’t been, the Super H Mart focuses on Asian foods and fresh produce. They have locations scattered all over the country.

I knew their sashimi prices were very reasonable, and while not as good as Kuni’s, they satisfied my sushi craving. For now.

I just have to be careful not to overdo it. I don’t want to end up with mercury poisoning like Jeremy Piven.

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