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Attic, Mudroom and Just Plumb Wrong

We’ve slowly been getting some construction estimates for our attic and mudroom projects. We haven’t had a chance to sit down and really compare them at this point, but I already know that they’re not going to be apples-to-apples. The entire process is definitely a learning experience and it will be a hard decision to make — not only who we feel will be best for the job, but also if we feel we can afford it at this time.

Our plan is to have only the rough framing and exterior portions of the job done by a professional, and then we’ll do the finish work ourselves. Obviously we’ll also have to hire a professional to do the HVAC, plumbing and electrical work.

Speaking of plumbing, we had a plumber over on Monday to take a look at the space. The PO, when he remodeled the first floor bathroom, had the plumbing roughed-in to the attic, but I don’t think it will do us much good.

For one thing, the plumbing in our basement bathroom, which is next to the main sewer pipe, was apparently not done by a licensed plumber, so if we left it alone it would probably be grandfathered in. It would be opening a can of (very expensive) worms to redo the plumbing down there, and for the amount times it will be used, I think it’ll do.

The plumber would then have to work around it, and partially because of that he needs access to the pipes from the main floor. Unfortunately, it appears that the wall — the plaster wall — in our guest bedroom would have to be torn out in order to access the pipes going to the attic because what currently exists is not sufficient for the project. Damn.

I had a fleeting thought this morning that it would be an opportune time to rid ourselves of the blue-and-yellow bathroom instead since we’re eventually going to do it anyway. If we tear out the tile in the main floor bathroom, then we wouldn’t have to knock out the wall in the guest bedroom. (The guest bedroom shares a wall with the sink/toilet shown here.)

I know it’s just a wall, but why tear out original plaster when the other side of the wall is going to be ripped out at some point?

Oh yes, (once again, dripping with sarcasm) Pete’s going to LOVE this idea…I can’t wait to tell him!


  1. bungalowbliss on January 7, 2009 at 4:13 pm

    I think that is a fab idea. It’d be a great opportunity to put in greenboard in this bath, too. Good luck on selling the idea…it really makes a lot more sense!

  2. denise on January 8, 2009 at 12:40 pm

    thanks for your support bungalowbliss! I broke the exciting news to him last night; he took it pretty well. We’ll see what happens!

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