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Selling our Previous Home, Part III

Right before Memorial Day weekend, I said to Pete, “I think we should look into changing the house back into a 3-bedroom.” I knew exactly what the original layout of the house was, because one of my good friends from high school grew up only 1/2 block away from us in the same style of house with the original layout, and I didn’t think it would be a difficult or expensive thing to do. Pete was willing to look into the costs for doing it, but we didn’t have the time or inclination to do it ourselves.

We called a contractor we know and as luck would have it, a job he was set to start on was delayed.

In addition to re-creating the third bedroom, he would be refinishing the floors. Over the holiday weekend I would repaint the walls in the living room and new bedroom — yes, alright already, in a neutral color!! Jeez. I was tired of the color anyway.

Doing those three things would all at once take care of what we thought were our biggest problems: 2 bedrooms, worn hardwood floors and dark paint colors.

The arrow in the “before” shot is pointing to the doorway that leads into the hallway and to the rest of the house. That doorway would become the new 3rd bedroom door. The “during” shot shows a new opening in the corner, where the rocking chair was, which leads directly from the living room to the hallway. If you were to turn right from that point, you would walk into the 3rd bedroom.

Here’s another “during” shot. Having the floors refinished meant moving just about everything we own into the remaining rooms: the kitchen and basement. Since we were going through all this, we wanted all the hardwood floors refinished, including the other two bedrooms. We loaded up the cats and spent several nights at my mom’s.


Another “before” shot.

The same view “after”. I really thought the wall color was going have a little more beige/yellow to it, but it just looks white. Sterile even. But it looked fine at the same time. I wouldn’t want to live with that, but I hopefully wasn’t going to be living with it for much longer.

And the third bedroom “after”. The floor sanding removed all of the cherry stain that Pete had applied on the floor years ago. It turned into a nice little room and we staged it as an office. Because it has a closet (albeit a small one), it is a true bedroom and we could now list our house as a 3-bedroom/2-bath.

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