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Tuna Box

When do you ever see a box, made out of solid wood, which was used to ship goods overseas, such as 48 7-oz. cans of tuna?

We found this a little while back in our basement.


Angola, sometimes known as Portuguese West Africa, was under Portuguese rule until 1975. They gained independence after a 15-year war, and today the country is known as the Republic of Angola.

I wonder when they stopped using these boxes? I mean, this box is pretty heavy. Overall, it must have added a significant amount of weight to the actual goods they were shipping.

It’s a cool box, though, and is now used for the cat’s toys.

I love discovering unusual things like that, or the glass bottles and makeup compact we unearthed in the yard earlier this spring:

Now if only I could find a pile of cash stashed somewhere in the house…!

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